Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Today Show Guest Tells Kathie and Hoda to be Quiet

Sam the Cooking guy tells Kathie Lee and Hoda be quiet and it's an awkward moment on the Today show to say the least. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Clown Sightings Fear & Hysteria - Teens Arrested

There have been multiple sightings of creepy ass clowns all over the USA in the past months. Not sure if this video is real or not.. but it seems fake.

Some of these idiots have even gone so far as to send threats to kids and schools.

Several arrests of teens are also being made in response to these clown-related school threats

It sounds all like one big hoax.. but these antics have lead to the office of Homeland Security getting involved in his insanity.

Earlier today, it was revealed that a 13-year old girl was outed as the responsible party for several clown related death threats made online. The student claims it was all a big prank.

Fails VS Wins - Fail Army

Saturday, September 24, 2016

D-Bag Tries to Pick a fight With a Bouncer

Some drunk douchebag tries to pick a fight with a bouncer and gets his ass handed to him. More like his face handed to him by a counter punch after taking a swing at a guy that's twice his size. Nice try. Idiot.

Why Target Ended Their Kiddie Shopping Carts

Target tried putting miniture shopping carts in a few stores for kids to push around. They are abandoning this option... mainly because it was a bad idea. This Twitter videos explains it all.

Trump says if Ivanka Wasn't His Daughter He would Date Her